2019-Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

The European Solidarity Corp project which our ngo partner and prepared by Polish NGO “Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego” has been approved by Polish National Agency.

2 of Polish volunteers “Natalia” and “Monika” came to city Karaman and worked in Karaman Youth Club NGO for social and culturel activities during September 2019.

The volunteers getted orientation activities for 3 days. During orientation they met with our local volunteers, organization who worked with Karaman Youth Club NGO, local people. They visited center of Karaman and learnt where can they do shopping, exchange money, restaurants, bars, police Office, hospital and more (which is they needed..)

During their ESC volunteering period, both volunteers participated English lessons with English teacher at primary school one day each week. Children met with Polish volunteers. The children learnt English by english games with in ESC volunteer prepared. The children spent great time with the volunteers. Even there were children who are communicate with foreign people first time in their life.

The volunteers joined Basketball and Volleyball in local sports partner of Karaman Youth Club NGO with teenagers 2 days each week. They helped to sport coach to prepare teenagers for local sports competition.

The volunteers joined Zumba sports activities in local sports partner of Karaman Youth Club NGO. They make new friends in there and spent quality time with students.

The volunteers helped Erasmus coordinator in Karaman Youth Club NGO that make new partnership for the new deadline (october deadline).

The volunteers organized Polish Culturel Night to local volunteers and people. There were many people that attended Culturel Night and they really interested about Poland.

The volunteers organized “Speaking Club” at local university.
The volunteers also visited other cities in Turkey.